Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does your maintenance plan entail? 

A: We do a whole home appliance maintenance. The appliances included in the maintenance plan are listed in the first slideshow above.

Q: When should I have a maintenance done?

A: At least once per year. Some appliances require maintenance more frequently than others. We like to schedule it during Spring Cleaning when our clients are doing other household tasks.

Q: What are the benefits of maintaining my appliances?

​A: You will save money on energy costs, your appliances will have a longer life expectancy, it will optimize the performance of your appliances, and could possibly prevent damage to your home. 

​Q: What are the risks of not maintaining my appliances?

A: Higher energy costs, shorter life expectancy on your appliances, your appliances may not perform as they should, and damage may occur to your home such as: house fires, water damage, dangerous particle emissions, etc.

Q: What servicing is not included in the maintenance plan?

A: It does not include maintenance on any plumbing issues, electrical issues, or any modifications or construction to your home. We have a network of experienced professionals that we can refer you to if we find any said issues.

Q: Are there any other costs involved?

A: Possibly. If we find that parts on your appliances should be replaced, you have the option to have MASCo. repair or not. You will only be charged for the price of the part. There would not be an extra labor cost for the repair. Example: We find an issue with your washer fill hoses. We will replace the hoses for an additional cost of $30 flat (taxes included in the price) on top of the price of the maintenance plan.

Q: What is the cost of the MASCo. Maintenance Plan?

A: $299, which includes the accessories that are required for the maintenance such as filters. 

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: Yes. There are 3 ways to get a better price on the plan. One, senior citizen/military/civil service discount. Two, a neighbor referral discount. Three, prepayment for the maintenance plan (service will be provided within a month of prepayment). Any of these discount will save you $50 but only one of the three discounts can be applied per customer. 

Q: When can service be done?

A: We prefer to do maintenance services on Saturdays as it seems to be the most convenient day for our clients. We try our best to get the service completed within 1 month of the desired date. 

Q: How long will it take? 

​A: This service will vary in time based on how many units need serviced. Generally though, most of these calls will take between 1-2 hours to complete.

Please feel free to call or text us any questions you may have at 260.223.3666 or shoot us an email to

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The MASCo. Team 

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If you just don't have the time or physical ability to do these maintenance tasks, contact the pros at MASCo. to do it for you! Just fill out the form below with your appliance information and we'll get you on our schedule. The slideshow below has all of the information on the services we provide.

We hear it all the time that "appliances aren't made the way they used to be". While this is true, they are actually built to be much more energy efficient. They just require more maintenance to perform better and to prevent costly repairs. We have a full section of resources to provide our clients with the information for recommended appliance maintenance tasks that should be performed. We carry a vast selection of accessories like water filters, microwave or vent hood charcoal filters, replacement waterlines, and fill hoses. We also carry dryer venting and dryer venting enclosures for outside of the house if you need parts for your project. Click here to check out some preventative maintenance help! 

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